Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring Training!

I'm behind. I need to post about NYC but realized I haven't posted about spring training yet! So here we go...

I love going to baseball games. When I lived in Mesa, I attended quite a few spring training games. And I've been to quite a few minor and major league games since I've lived in California. Last spring, Wendy and I decided to go to AZ for spring training. We had a blast (pretty sure there's a post about it) and decided we'd make it a yearly tradition (full disclosure: we were sure we'd be taking boyfriends this So Wendy, Jessica, Ashley, and I left right after work on Friday, March 16, and hit the road for AZ. (Sadly Lindsay had to go to Utah for a dress fitting so she didn't get to go with us.) I love road trips and this one did not disappoint! We sang just about every Garth Brooks song there is and many other country songs (for some reason we've linked AZ with country music - we listened to it exclusively, much to Jess' dismay, the entire trip). Lots of laughing. It was a looooong drive...we finally got to Sharlyn's house after midnight. Chey let us take over her big room for the weekend, which was perfect.

Saturday we went to lunch at Rumbi Grill (love those sweet potato fries!) in Chandler and then went to the Diamondbacks vs Rangers game in Surprise. It was such a great day! Our seats were close and the weather was mild. Sharlyn went with us that day and then Kel and Chey came in free towards the end and joined us. After the game we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse (love the atmosphere of that place - throwing peanut shells on the floor, delicious good!). Greg, Michelle, and Melody met us for dinner and I loved seeing them. We went to Nielsen's Frozen Custard in Mesa for dessert - can't believe I lived so close to that place and never tried it! It was delicious! After dessert, we went to Marc's parents' house in Mesa to hang out and play games. We played Scum for awhile and had lots of fun. Went back to Sharlyn's and crashed (of course we were all exhausted).

Sunday morning we went to a 9:00 ward for sacrament meeting. It was such a great meeting and I'm really happy we were all there for it. We went back to Sharlyn's and got packed up before heading to the game. We went to the Angels vs Dodgers game in Glendale. What a beautiful stadium! We had lawn seats that day and everyone got to go. Unfortunately the state that is known for being hot and dry betrayed us that day. It was pretty chilly but we had blankets so we were managing...until the rain and HAIL hit!! We ran like mad out of that stadium and were completely soaked! What a memory! :)

We had dinner at Macayo's and headed back home. Such a fun trip and always good to spend time with the Sharlyn Ryan's! We'll see you next year, AZ!