Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shattered dreams

Today I called to wish my sister a happy bday. During the conversation, she told me that she recently colored her hair. That comment wasn't unusual because my sisters and I have been coloring our hair since we were 12 years old (seriously...mom's only rule was that we didn't get any color on the rug). For some reason, I asked her why she even colors her hair. And then I got the worst news ever: SHE HAS GRAY HAIR!! For a long time, I thought redheads were exempt from ever worrying about gray hair. I learned that I was wrong but still held on to the belief that I wouldn't have to worry about gray hair for a long time. And now I find out that my own sister has gray hair at 33 years old. The horror!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fail...and updates

Well crap...my goal to blog at least twice monthly was ruined in July when I only blogged once. And then I totally failed in August with no posts at all! But I'm no quitter so I'm baaaack!

The last few months have been packed full of fun. Here's a little summary:

  • awesome 4th of July weekend full of bikes, beach, Kristin's bday tea party & horse races, Lauren's bridal shower, Aaron's bday dance party, games, & fireworks
  • helped throw Steph's bridal shower
  • lots of running
  • glow in the dark bocce ball
  • watched lots of softball games
  • car repairs :(
  • Greg, Michelle, & Melody visited from AZ
  • Heather & Austin's wedding reception
  • helped throw Steph's bachelorette party
  • went to Nauvoo for my family reunion (Independence, Liberty, Far West, Adam-ondi-ahman, Hannibal, temple, shows, Pageant, Carthage, swam in the Mississippi River, FAMILY!!)
  • my 31st bday! (bikes, beach, party at Mariners Park with croquet and friends)
  • went to San Francisco for a half marathon (ran across the Golden Gate Bridge!)
  • went to Seattle for Steph & Todd's wedding
  • moved out of 168-A 23rd Street
  • was homeless for 2 1/2 weeks
  • rode an elephant at the OC Fair
  • Bommer Canyon Western Roundup (my first attempt at square dancing...)
  • Taylor Swift concert!
  • Naco's cute family came to town & I finally got to meet them
  • moved to Balboa Island!
  • Enrichment bbq, Stefanie's welcome party/bbq, lots of balboa bars & hippo cookies
  • Ashley moved here! And Mom visited!
  •  watched huge waves at the Wedge
  • visited Joe in DC for Labor Day (long flight, DC sites/monuments/memorials, lots of walking, the metro, egg nog, temple, Philly, Adrienne & Colton!)
  • Wendy's bday! (Duffy boat in the harbor, dessert party at our new place)
  • beach bonfire
  • Jenn's bday dinner at Cheesecake Factory
More to come! I know I'm lame for not posting pictures but, let's be serious, if I had to include pictures, I'd never blog!